Sale & Purchase Ship Valuation
Ship Valuation

Over the years Natural Shipping S&P Dept. has maintained its position as a leading ship valuer acting on behalf of banks, Islamic banks, Insurance companies, Solicitors and P&I Clubs and a founder member of the Ship Valuation Panel.

It can be appreciated that the perspective and expectations of parties commissioning valuations under the above headings can vary greatly: the insured value, for example, would not be expected to be the same as the value achievable at a forced sale. Independence and objectivity may be an absolute requirement in some circumstances, and will be discussed in greater detail below, but should not be taken for granted.

Why Ship Valuation is important?

  • For serious seller, who will want to maximise its value
  • For serious buyer, who will want to buy as cheaply as possible
  • A prospective lender, who will want adequate security over the term of a loan
  • A prospective investor, who will want an adequate return and may or may not be willing to speculate
  • A current lender/mortgagee, who is already committed to the vessel
  • A current investor/owner, who is likewise already committed to the vessel
  • Assessors of replacement value
  • Courts administering a forced sale, e.g. by auction
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